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Thank you for your interest in Enjoying Aging.

Aging, it’s not for the timid. I know, we’ve all heard the numerous clichés and anecdotes associated with aging but there’s more, so much more, to getting older than the humor we use to cope with the inevitable. As we approached retirement and began searching for information to help with the aging process, we found many resources, but they were all over the web. There are a few sites that cover multiple topics but they seemed massive and unorganized. That’s when we decided to start our own source of information. A resource for those who are interested in getting enough of the right information, without being overwhelmed.

We wanted to put together a list of topics that would cover almost any concern but do it in a lighthearted, fun, but meaningful way. We know that not all topics are humorous, let’s face it, there is nothing funny about some of the medical issues we deal with as we age, but with the right attitude we can usually find something to laugh about. Truthfully, we spend more time around here laughing at ourselves than others. With the exception of Max, the Beagle, he just looks funny with those big-ole floppy ears and that crazy sounding bark!

We have tried to come up with a comprehensive list of articles that covers the things we cared the most about, but if you have a subject that you would like for us to cover, let us know through one of the many forms you’ll find throughout the site and we’ll look into it.

Some of the topics you’ll find on the Websites are:

The majority of our articles are meant to be interactive, so we encourage our readers/visitors to leave a comment in the form at the end of most articles.

So there you have it, our story is nothing unique. We just thought it was time to give our fellow boomers an alternative to the “here’s the bad things about aging, deal with it” attitude and focus on the positives of the privilege of growing older, wiser, and better.

Max the Beagle Dog




Contact Us with any comments, questions or concerns so we may better serve you.



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