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How to Enjoy a Healthy Second Act

Group of People Exercising

The term “retirement” has come to have a whole new meaning these days, with seniors often embarking on a second act in life post-retirement — traveling, enjoying favorite hobbies and pastimes, and even starting new business ventures! To keep pace with all of your grand plans, it’s important to maintain a high quality of life by taking good care of your physical and mental health. As we age our bodies need different types of exercise, foods that are easier to metabolize, supplements (we’ve all seen or tried Centrum Silver), energy boosters, etc. There are many different things to consider when we reach those golden years but one thing is certain; if you really want to enjoy that “Second Act” you’ll need to maintain a healthy body.

Rocky Mountaineer Train

The travel industry thrives on retirees. They may advertise more to the younger generations but that’s only because they see it as a way of increasing revenue. Retirees have time to travel, desire to go and see the things they always wanted to see, and the money and resources to make it happen. While the cruise industry, both large and small ship cruises and private charter tours, is the largest benefactor of the travel industry there are plenty of other types of travel that should be considered. Train and bus tours have grown in popularity over the last few years and most of them cater to older adults. For decades the RV world has been a favorite for retirees, and for good reason; it is the only way to go, when and where you want, without the restrictions of a planned and well-organized trip.

Three Generations Watching Sports Together

Hobbies are non-generational; the major difference between older and younger enthusiasts is the type of hobbies they are interested in. Older adults may be more inclined to collect things like cars, coins, or memorabilia, while the younger generation is more into technology-related hobbies like video games and internet surfing. Whatever your preferred past-time, sports still seems to be the one hobby that knows no divide.

If your passion is owning your own business in retirement; there are plenty of opportunities available for just about any interest. You could start a small LLC or sole-proprietorship out of one of your favorite hobbies, or there are other, more serious, endeavors like opening a franchise or starting a storefront business. The internet has become the new frontier for the more adventurous entrepreneurs and according to all the business forecasts has the greatest potential for growth. This new landscape offers many exciting options and is very inviting but enter at your own risk. While the largest and most successful businesses on the planet are internet-based, the competition is fierce. Do your due diligence before embarking on this journey and learn everything you can before jumping in because, while there is the possibility of great rewards, the majority of internet startups fail and it is easy to lose your retirement nest egg.

Whatever you decide to do to fill up your time in retirement make sure you enjoy that second act by eating healthy, getting regular checkups, maintaining an active lifestyle with a good exercise regimen, and get plenty of sleep. The reward could be years of fun doing exactly what you want, when you want.

A special thank you to Mary Shannon at seniorsmeet.org for contributing to this article.

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