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Get Regular Check-Ups

Looking healthy on the outside doesn’t always translate into being healthy on the inside. Maintain a regular check-up routine with your primary care provider and specialists to ensure you’re on the right health track. Our bodies change with age, and ensuring you’re doing all you can to maintain an optimum state of health and physical fitness can be critical to enjoying this time of your life; no matter how old you are. This is even more important if you’re managing a chronic illness or other health condition that requires ongoing treatment.

Hands saying no to glasses

Don’t let vanity or pride get in the way of your health and wellbeing. Wearing your glasses or hearing aids benefits the people around you as much, or even more in some cases, as it does the wearer. Feeling bad should never keep you from going to see the people that can help you feel better. Be an advocate for yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek second opinions. If you have concerns, bring them up right away.

Woman Exercising with Kettlebell

If you’re planning to embark on a new fitness journey or physically active lifestyle, getting the go-ahead from your physician can help you proceed without reservation. Take it slow in the beginning, especially if it’s been a while since you exercised. The fact that you ran a marathon twenty years ago doesn’t mean you can do that today. Making yourself too sore to work out the next day makes it even more difficult to start a new routine. So keep it simple, keep it fun, but remember to stay under close observation by those who can help you most.

A special thank you to Mary Shannon at seniorsmeet.org for contributing to this article.

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