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0 Common Signs That It May Be Time for Senior Assisted Living

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Common Signs That It May Be Time for Senior Assisted Living

As your senior loved ones get older, you might have to consider moving them into assisted living. But how do you know when it's the right time? Often, there is no clear and definitive sign that a senior needs daily care, but you can keep an eye out for some common indicators and red flags. Certain behaviors, physical limitations, vision loss, and mental health conditions can signal that moving into assisted living would be beneficial.

Recent Falls or Other Injuries

Due to a variety of medical and age-related factors, household injuries are unfortunately common among seniors, especially those living alone. Injuries from falls can affect a senior's quality of life significantly, limiting their activities and socialization opportunities while increasing their risk of falling again. Full-time care in an assisted living facility can help your loved one avoid injury in the future.

Your aging loved one might also be experiencing significant vision loss due to cataracts or macular degeneration. If you notice behavioral changes like grabbing onto furniture, increased falls, or squinting, or if you notice more bruises that could be from bumping into unseen objects, take your loved one to be checked by their eye care professional.



Trouble Performing Daily Activities

Is your loved one able to cook, clean, bathe, do laundry, maintain their home, and tackle other activities of daily living? Seniors who have trouble with these tasks may suffer rapid weight gain or loss, increased risk of infection, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Keep an eye out for signs that your loved one may be struggling with their daily activities. An empty fridge, an unusually unkempt home, an overgrown yard, and new body odors may signal that your senior loved one could use some help with their daily living tasks.

In some cases, a grocery delivery service (or picking up groceries yourself) can help your loved one. In other cases, such as dealing with cleaning around the house and backyard, you're better off hiring some assistance.


Isolation and Loneliness

Elderly Depressed Man Sitting In A Chair 350px

If your senior loved one lives alone, they may be experiencing the negative effects of isolation. Sadly, loneliness can increase the rate of mental and physical decline in old age. Seniors often experience isolation when they lose their ability to drive or develop mobility difficulties, or when long-time friends move out of their neighborhood.

Some signs that your loved one may be experiencing loneliness include sleeplessness, increased spending, loss of appetite, and a change in the frequency of phone calls. Fortunately, moving into an assisted living community will provide your loved one with numerous socialization opportunities so they can avoid the threat of isolation and loneliness.


How to Talk About Assisted Living

If you think assisted living is right for your loved one, it's time to talk about it. These can be very tough conversations to have. Assisted Living Today recommends broaching the subject when your loved one is feeling happy and relaxed and there are close friends and family around for support. Try not to push the subject if your loved one gets upset. You can always bring it up again at a later date. Think of your first conversation as a way to plant the seed and get the ball rolling on further discussions. Most importantly, don't tell your loved one that you made this decision for them already.

You might have an easier time convincing a reluctant senior to consider assisted living if you approach your conversation as a negotiation and do some research and gather information before beginning your discussion. Look up assisted living communities in your area and find out what alternatives are available, such as adult day care services or accessibility solutions for aging in place. Be prepared to answer any questions or concerns your loved one might have about moving. These resources can help you kick off your research:


Assisted living facilities provide assistance with all kinds of daily activities, from cooking to bathing, which can be an enormous help to seniors and their family caregivers. Still, it's very difficult to confront the idea that your loved one may need to move into assisted living. While it may be tempting to put this decision off, for now, you'll have a much easier time planning and discussing your options without pressing time constraints. Planning ahead will ensure you make the best possible decision!


A special thank you to Lydia Chan at alzheimerscaregiver.net for contributing this article.


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